All the funds we raise get to the POINT OF NEED. We do not use gift aid to cover any administration expenses

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Top:Steve Adams and Mike Farrow about to set off on their LEJOG adventure which was the most successful fundraising event in 2014.
Middle:Go Beyond Sport was founded in 2008 to provide sustainable and enduring fundraising.This was a reaction to a lack of Corporate sponsorship and the massive cost associated with London Marathon places.
Bottom:Teresa Adams supported by Jane Bayes in the Teach Africa Tea Tent at the Thames Trot. This is a major source of fundraising for us.

Until 2007, Teach Africa's main source of income was corporate sponsorship which I raised via a range of contacts and activities from my corporate base as COO of Barclaycard. Having made the decision to retire in 2006 and concentrate on Fundraising it came as an interesting life lesson that my corporate support didn't follow me when I no longer held a senior post.

In 2008 I founded Go Beyond Challenge which trading as Go Beyond Sport and Go Beyond Ultra set about organising sporting events with the overall objective of providing enduring and sustainable fundraising for Teach Africa. It also provides much of the administrative support around office equipment and 3rd party costs - everybody that works for Teach Africa does so on a voluntary basis.

The exception to this rule is our agent in Kenya to who we pay a small retainer and cover all her expenses.

We have 7 primary sources of fundraising

  • Individual Fundraising activity such as the 2014 LEJOG ride which was the single largest fundraiser of that year
  • Go Beyond Race Events profit
  • Runners taking part in Go Beyond events and fundraising
  • The sale of Tea, Coffee and home made cakes at the events from the Teach Africa "Tea Tent".
  • In 2014 we received our first trust fund grant from Walk for a Cause.
  • Personal donations

In total we raised a total of £27792.92, which includes gift aid, in 2014 from which we paid out £25589.00 in schools fees, uniforms and the basic equipment our students need while they are at school

Our other areas of expenditure are:-

  • Race entry fees for our fundraising runners
  • Just Giving and Everyday Hero fees
  • Domain registration for email and website
  • Bank Charges.
Which means that for 2014 we just about broke even.

The trustees like to get to get to Kenya as often as possible and Teresa and I have managed to get there at least once a year. Like the other Trustees all of the cost of these trips is met by ourselves and we use NONE of the funds we raise to support these visits

Being able to discuss face to face the needs of the students, meet the teachers in the Primary Schools we take children from and liaise with the secondary schools we send our children to is vital. Culturally Kenyan society responds much better to this close contact which allows bounds of trust and respect to develop.

Should you be concidering supporting Teach Africa I think you can see that your money will go to where it is needed most and not on any administration or expenses - in this we think we are unique from other charities

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